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How To Cook Perfect Pizza by Outdoor Pizza Oven

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Depending on the topping, and how thick and large the pizza, the longer the cooking will take. Also, some dough recipes cook faster or slower than others, depending on the density and make-up of the dough. You may want to test an experimental pizza first. Learning is all part of the fun.

New Portable Mini Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven for Party O-MINI-XR-S330 (3)

• Adjust the temperature as outlined above for pizza. Once the fire has been burning for approximately 15-20minutes, you should notice the temperature gauge start to rise into optimal Pizza cooking temperatures around 300C (600F).

New Portable Mini Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven for Party O-MINI-XR-S330 (4)

Now that your pizza oven is at the right temperature, make sure your pizza peel has plenty of flour under the pizza base so that the pizza can slide easily off the peel. 

Once you see it can slide easily, quickly slide your pizza on to the firebricks or pizza stone. When cooking pizzas it is  recommended that you fit the door in place.

After 60 seconds, check that the dough edges start to rise and take crust form and then with your pizza peel, lift and rotate the pizza to ensure even cooking.

outdoor pizza oven tool pizza peel A-RPP-320-B

Be sure to check the underside of the pizza for colour so it does not burn or stick to the bricks. After 30 seconds repeat the above step, checking the underside and top of the pizza to desired doneness.

After about another 30 seconds if it's needed, check on the pizza to determine how much longer you wish to cook it. We recommend lifting and shifting the pizza around using a pizza peel to allow it to cook evenly. When cooked to your desired perfection, use the pizza peel to take the pizza out of the wood fired pizza oven. Repeat these steps to make more pizzas.

NOTE: Check the temperature gauge between pizzas and open and adjust the flue damper as required to control temperatures. Also, move the wood or other fuels to keep temperature going. If temperatures drop below 250C (500F), you can add more wood or charcoal, wood pellets.


Because outdoor oven reaches very high temperatures, it can take as little as 60 seconds to 3 minutes for pizza or other foods to cook (it's much faster than traditional ovens) so when first using this oven, you will need to check on the food frequently to ensure that it does not overcook or burn. Optimal cooking times and temperatures will vary depending on the thickness, size, and recipe of dough used as well as the wood.


Certain types of dough are meant to cook at lower temperatures, such as any dough that is made of semolina flour.

When cooking pizza, it is advisable to use a long pizza peel. Make sure your pizza has flour under it so it will not stick to the pizza peel or the pizza stone.

High heat cooks the best pizza. Please use cooking gloves that are made to withstand high temperatures. When taking items such as hot pans out of the oven, the high heat may damage the delicate material of normal oven gloves, so make sure you have good quality insulated gloves.


Follow the steps above to light and control the temperature of the oven. Follow normal recipe temperatures for baking and roasting instead of high temperatures for perfect pizza by letting the fire die down and adding small pieces of wood (only if required to maintain temperature).

When cooking meat, please place on a cooking tray before putting into the oven. You can put the following cookware and/or bakeware materials inside the oven, directly on the stone: Stainless steel and aluminium cookware/bakeware (as long as there is no plastic on handle or lid), cast iron cookware/bakeware with metal handles, enamel coated cookware/bakeware with metal handles, high temperature clayware such as terracotta. Please note cookware or bakeware with Bakelite or phenolic handles can melt.

It is strongly advised that a pizza peel is used together with insulated cooking gloves to remove hot items from the oven.

outdoor pizza oven tool pizza peel A-RPP-320-B

When cooking food like eggplant parmigiana with cheese on top or things that need to cook longer, put aluminium foil with holes in so the smoke flavour still reaches the food but the cheese does not burn. You may remove the foil for the last few minutes of cooking so the top of your food can still brown.

As the wood fired pizza oven gets very hot, it is a good idea when taking food out to set it on an insulated table near the oven and allow it to cool a little before bringing into the house.

The pizza oven is also great for cooking; Casseroles, Fish, Parmigiana, Vegetable dishes, Frittatas, Meats, Poultry and much more!


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Skype: tiffanyccy90
QQ: 2678497327
E-mail: Tiffany@kd-oven.com
Phone: 0086-757-85401299
Tel: 0086-1501773597

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