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New Portable Mini Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven for Party

New shape mini oven for outdoor
A. Single wall and doubled wall can be an option;
B.Bigger pizza stone L330*W330mm;
C. Any size can be customized;
  • O-MINI-XR-S330
  • Ovenmaker
  • cheap portable mini pizza oven

New Portable Mini Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven specification

New Portable Mini Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Small Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven Introduction

The portable oven is getting popular and popular in the world. It features Multi-fuel functionality, making it capable of cooking by wood, charcoal, wood pellets. It comes with big fuel box, it will reach 400℃- 450℃ in under 20 minutes, which it takes just 90-120 seconds to cook an authentic crispy based large 13”pizza. The 330mm x 330mm cooking pizza stone area of the mini pizza oven combined with its multi-fuel capabilities means it is extremely versatile….as well as great pizzas, you can cook a wide variety of food; large roast meats (beef, lamb etc), fish, vegetables, baked bread and lots, lots more.

Mini Wood Fired Pizza Oven for Party

Outdoor Multi-fueled Pizza Oven Introduction

Multi-fuel capabilities, allowing users the option to burn pellets, wood, charcoal and gas. 

Each fuel has its own features.

Pellets - Environmental protection and energy saving.

Wood log - Special wood smoke flavor on foods.

Charcoal - Normal and convenient.

Gas - Clean and convenient.

Portable Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven


The mini outdoor oven can reach 400℃- 450℃ in under 20 minutes. It's an option to make the fuel box more wider and bigger without changing the outer size of the oven. 

Wood Pizza Oven for Party

How to cook perfect pizza 

Once the fire has been burning for appromimately 12-20 minutes, you should notice the temperature gauge start to rise into optimal pizza cooking temperatures around 300℃.

Now that your oven is at the right temperature, make sure your pizza peel has plenty of flour under the pizza base so that the pizza can slide easily off the peel.

Once you see it can slide easily, quickly slide your pizza on to the pizza stone. When cooking pizzas it is recommended that you fit the door in place.

After 60 seconds, check that the dough edges start to rise and take curst form and then with your pizza peel, lift and rotate the pizza to ensure even cooking and 

Be sure to check the underside of the pizza for colours so it does not burn or stick to the pizza stone. After  30 seconds, checking the under side and top of the pizza to desired doneness.

After about another 30 seconds, check on the pizza to determine how much longer you wish to cook it. We recommend shifting the pizza around using a pizza peel to allow it to cook evenly. When cooked to your desired perfection, use the pizza peel to take the pizza out of the oven.  Repeat these steps to make more pizzas. 

A. 3mm steel dome with textured painting.

B. High-temperature resistant brick on floor;

C. awesome insulation with three layer;

D. Can be movable easily with four casters;

E. Stainless steel chimney;

F. Any sizes and details can be customized;

We have received good reputation because of producing a range of innovation outdoor multifunctional oven, smoker, BBQ, products designed for domestic use and commercial use in latest high quality but at affordable prices.




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