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Outdoor Stainless Steel Wood Fired Pizza Oven O-XBL-800

  • O-XBL-800 ONE SET

Wholesales, OEM/ODM customization, distribution all kinds of outdoor oven, we are professional!


Enjoy home make pizza and cook pizza, as well as meats, roasts, casseroles, breads and much ,much more by outdoor wood fired pizza oven O-XBL-800!


If you love great tasting, authentic stone baked pizza, and want to sell these pizza ovens to share amazing cooking method with more peoples, then you have to come to the right factory!

We specialize in making high quality pizza ovens at good factory price.


People can cook amazing tasting crispy based pizzas in around 60-90 seconds by our model O-XBL-800. The pizza tastes yummy with wood smoke. The cooking area size is L800*W660*H250MM which can cook a full roast chicken dinner! They are available with or without stands.

Outdoor Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Features:

A. Stainless steel in material. And steel with painting or 304SS stainless steel can be option;

B. High-temperature resistant brick on floor;

C. Double wall insulation of 50mm;

D. Air damper on chimney;

E. Any sizes and details can be customized.

We have received good reputation because of producing a range of innovation outdoor multifunctional oven, smoker, BBQ, products designed for domestic use and commercial use in latest high quality but at affordable prices.




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