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Wood Fired Pizza Oven in Your Backyard Best Quality for Outdoor

Outdoor Brick Pizza Oven
A. Brick + Clay + Ceramic cotton structure;
B. Insulation thickness can be customized;
C.Cooking floor: L720*D750mm;
D. we also have 304SS dome for an option;
  • O-FTL-900B-TOP
  • Ovenmaker
  • Backyard pizza oven

Best Wood Fired Pizza Oven in Your Backyard

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pizza made by wood fired oven (1)
  • Our Brick dome pizza oven are made from 3mm steel and special structure of brick+clay+ceramic cotton. We can also make 304 stainless steel inner dome except brick dome. Stainless steel dome ovens heat up faster than brick dome ovens, but brick dome ovens can keep the heat inside longer than stainless steel dome oven. The round design and mobile carts make them ideal for moving to designated place. The ovens is good for small to mid-sized catering events.

  • This series pizza ovens can reach temperatures of 750+ degrees baking an authentic crispy based pizza in 60-90 seconds.  Also, you can cook a wide variety of food by our outdoor brick pizza oven, such as large roast meats (beef,lamb etc.),fish,vegetables,based bread and lots ,lots more. 

  • It's really fully functional outdoor oven. 

Outdoor Pizza Oven Fuel

Outdoor Pizza Oven Fuel Introduction

Multi-fuel capabilities, allowing users the option to burn wood log, charcoal and gas. 

Each fuel has its own features.

Wood log - Special wood smoke flavor on foods.

Charcoal - Normal and convenient.

Gas - Clean and convenient.

Wood Fired Pizza Oven in Your Backyard Best Quality for Outdoor (3)


This outdoor pizza oven with brick floor can reach highest temperauter in 750℃ under 20-25 minutes. 

How to control the oven temperature:

A. The amount of fuel. Always start with less fuel than you expect necessary,and add small amounts more if necessary. If there's too much or too little fuel, the other B,C,two temperature controls simply will not work.

B. The door's adjustable vent and door move in and out controls the airflow to the fire. More open=more air=a hotter fire. Less open=less air=less fire. If there's a lot of fuel in the firebox, close the adjustable vent a little to allow better control over temperature. As the fuel runs low, opening the adjustable vent a little allows better control over the temperature.

C.The door of moving in and out can be used to restrict the exhaust flow from the chimney. If the door's adjustable vent is set appropriately for the current fire level, then it will give you fine tuning control over the temperature.

We have received good reputation because of producing a range of innovation outdoor multifunctional oven, smoker, BBQ, products designed for domestic use and commercial use in latest high quality but at affordable prices.




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