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How Your Oven Works
We'll use sketchs to tell you how the pizza oven works.

A wood fire is lit in the back, side or centre of the oven to heat up the inner dome and cooking floor.
Wood-fired ovens use heat retained in the insulated dome and cooking floor, along with the option of a live fire or hot coals to create a range of different cooking environments. Your oven can work with a live fire, hot or warm coals and retained heat only.

A wood burning furnace is different from any other cooking tool. Without other typical cooking methods or traditional ovens, food can be cooked in this true way, giving it a true flavor.

How in true wood-burning oven works, by using indirect heat. The indirect heat, wood-burning oven is ecologically sound. 
The indirect heat system reduces wood con-sumption, Co2 emission and oven preparation time, (allowing for much more free time While still obtaining good results like a traditional oven, in both terms of temperature and cooking.

There are three ways of indirect heating:
With reflective heat, flame from a live fire is bounced off the dome onto your food, such as pizza, steak, chicken and also recharges the cooking floor, putting heat back into the floor to replace heat that is lost through cooking.
Because your oven breathes, drawing in cold air through the lower half of the oven opening and exhausting hot air out the top half of the opening. It’s constantly moving hot, moist air across the top of your food. It’s natural convection.
Finally, heat stored in the cooking floor is transferred directly into food that is set on top of it. This is true for bread and pizza which are set directly on the cooking floor, as well as for pots and pans which are placed on it.
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